Cordes d'amour


Salim Dada
Miniatures Algériennes
* Aurore de Djurdjura
* Danse Zaydan
* Crépuscule sur la baie d’Alger
* Danse de la jument
* Soirée au hoggar

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Serenata Notturna

Salim Dada
Love song

Salim Dada
Sinfonietta per archi (in 5 movements)*
*commissioned by Boho Strings

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Borgerhout, home of Boho Strings, is widely known for its cultural diversity. This inspired us to also seek out works by composers from Maghreb countries and the Middle East.

For several years, for example, we have been enthusiastically playing the work of Algerian composer Salim Dada.

In Cordes d'amour, we combine Salim's music with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's serenades for strings. A sparkling combination!