Sunday, 18 September 2022

Visions of the Sea

With ‘Visions of the Sea’, boho4 wants to take the listener on a musical journey of beauty, discovery and wonder - all inspired by the beauty of the ocean. 

Throughout our history, we as humans have been fascinated by the pull of the oceans. It fed our sense of wonder and adventure, it captured our economic interests, and it ultimately also led us to realize the devastating impact of our actions.

Joe Hisaishi's colorful and deeply moving String Quartet No. 1 plays the role of the ocean in this program. In four movements this quartet tells the story of our interaction with and impact on the world's oceans. The selected movements by Ravel, Schubert, Henderickx, Debussy and Vaughan Williams, serve as our personal contemplations on the impact of our actions, ultimately pushing us to take action to preserve the beauty and resources of our planet's lifeline.


A concert for a world with clean waterways and oceans, and healthy communities


Kasteel Groeneveld
Groeneveld 2
3744 ML Baarn