Wednesday, 20 March 2024

If You Know Why a Fish Talks

The eccentric duo Perforator, along with Boho Strings and conductor David Ramael, perform an ode to animals with a lower level of cuddliness. Ecosystems are collapsing and millions of animal and plant species are dying out, the performance honors animals that are indispensable in our ecosystem. The peculiar creatures are reflected in home-made instruments, poems by Joost Oomen and the sounds of the string orchestra. You'll see and hear an electronically crafted spider web played with bows, luminous jellyfish, a music-making worm and a viper-toothed fish made from a giant garbage stick. 

If You Know Why a Fish Talks is an innovative family performance that makes classic instruments swing and poetry out of technology. Perforator - a duo consisting of inventor Akim Moiseenkov and experimental oboist Marlies van Gangelen - developed new electronic musical instruments especially for this performance. For this creation, Perforator joined forces with composer Tijn Wybenga (Rogier van Otterloo Award 2018). Sing along with the ringworm and discover why you better think twice before swatting a mosquito.


To music by Tijn Wybenga and lyrics by Joost Oomen


CC Blankenberge
Zeedijk 150
8370 Blankenberge