Radicalization! Few themes have so touched a nerve in recent years. What seemed to be very far away, suddenly took a worrying place in our daily lives because of the attacks on European soil.

With the project “D-Radicalize!”, we try, unpretentiously, to look for the role that music could play in our way of seeing things. Can music influence us in the way we treat certain social themes? And could it help us in our personal experience and in our understanding?

The starting point of the project is a representation with video images and music that complement and reinforce each other perfectly in different ways.


Boho Strings and the singers Lieselot De Wilde and Laïla Amezian take up the challenge with this special concert. The musical repertoire is a carefully woven carpet of classical Baroque and contemporary Western sounds and jewels of the Arab-Andalusian musical tradition.

The video images of the young Belgian-Moroccan filmmaker Moussa Sah, specially created for this show, combine the captivating testimony of Géraldine, a Brussels mother who lost her son in Syria, and the silent and stylized images of a young radical who seeks his place in society.