Radicalization! Few themes have so touched a nerve in recent years. What seemed to be very far away, suddenly took a worrying place in our daily lives because of the attacks on European soil.

D-Radicalize! tells the story of Geraldine, a mother who lost her son in Syria after he became radicalized.
In this project we try to look for the role that music could play in our way of seeing things. Can music influence us in the way we treat certain social themes? And could it help us in our personal experience and in our understanding?

With singers Lieselot De Wilde and Laïla Amezian
Dramaturgy by Sergio Roberto Gratteri
Movie by Moussa Sah

Max Richter, On the Nature of Daylight
Houtaf Khoury, Quintet
Michael Kiwanuka, Cold Little Heart
Max Richter, November
Jocelyn Pook, Ave Maria
Georg Friedrich Händel, Verso già l’alma col sangue