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Urban Renaissance Project Image


The city is a living, breathing organism that floats on the tides of human change, carrying its own history in the traces left by each individual who ever lived and worked within its urban fabric. Urban Renaissance is an hommage to this urban history, connecting the music of the early European urban dynasties to that of the quintessential 21st century American urban environment…


La Captive is the haunting portrait of a single immigrant mother who fights for a decent life for her and her child. Faced with the barriers of bureaucracy, prejudices, and inner despair she searches the depths of her soul for the strength to continue . . .

La Captive Project Image
In Deep Silence Project Image


In Deep Silence is a meditative reflection on a society undergoing profound change. In this artistic collaboration with videographer Geert Lenssens we were inspired by the remembrance moments after terrorist attacks, bringing forth a message of unity through silence and serenity, a collective voice which speaks out without words…


On July 16th, 1945, the United States exploded the first ever atom bomb and thus ushered in the nuclear era. This was followed shortly after with the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing untold devastation and the start of the Cold War nuclear arms race . . .

Trinity Project Image
D-Radicalize! Project Image


Radicalization. Few topics have engendered such strong opinion in recent years. What once seemed far removed from our daily lives, has taken center stage due to the violent attacks on European soil. Opinions and finger pointing galore, but great shortage on . . .