‘Nostalgia’ is Boho Strings’ first CD recording project, entirely dedicated to the string orchestra music of composer Wim Henderickx. Take a quick peak behind the scenes with the composer, conductor, orchestra and soloists, as well as the crew of Antarctica Records.

D-Radicalize! focuses on the disarming role music can play in the life of young people. A stunning concert with Boho Strings, conducted by David Ramael and soloists Lieselot De Wilde and Laïla Amezian. During this interactive concert the music enters into a dialogue with video images put together by the young Brussels filmmaker Moussa Sah. The images raise questions about radicalization in our society in an abstract and poetic manner. They are intended to give free reign to one’s judgemental reflex, rather than sending out a moralising message or providing a concrete answer.